Heterosexual Male Masochism and Phenomenology Part II

A care worker recently asked me what masochism in men towards women was, as he had absolutely no idea what this was or meant, and so I replied that it is in very basic and concise terms men who experience women’s bodies, minds, and emotions, as more powerful, influential, and assertive than some other men do. This care worker then thanked me for enlightening him about this, and said that he now understood what male masochism towards women was and meant.

However, the very ignorant, prejudiced, and groundless assumption, which some other people have about this in their very simple-minded folly, is to assume that this is merely subjective and a misperception about women, and what’s more they very ignorantly, groundlessly, and wildly assume that it is about a reversed or one-sided subject-object relation, a female internalisation and notion of male power, and an inequality of power.

No one says that some men who see or experience women’s bodies, minds, and emotions as submissive and powerless are subjective and have misperceptions - heterosexual masochist men do not experience women’s bodies, minds, and emotions as more assertive and powerful than themselves in a complete individual and human sense, nor as more powerful than other men or women - and so the assumption of a reversed or directed and projected inequality of power between men and women, is absolutely meaningless and based upon absolutely no evidence, fact, reality, nor any empirical, social, psychological, objective and scientific basis, data, or proof.

What’s more, the ways that masochist men see and experience women, is neither subjective nor objective in that it denies any objective reality or subjective experiences of any women, it is neither a purely over-generalised nor an over-individualised collection of experiences, thoughts, and feelings about women, as it is basically a collection of experiences, thoughts, and feelings related to a complex dialectical process of both sustained and progressive free and equal relatedness and interaction between men and women, and not any kind of subject-object relation either way or in any direction.

The reverse or projected inequality of power prejudice and assumption, is also based upon an over-simplification of power, when there are many different types and degrees of power, and psychologically the way that masochist men experience women’s bodies, minds, and emotions as more powerful and assertive than some other men do, is about some women experiencing and perceiving men experiencing and perceiving women in these ways. However, to say that these experiences and perceptions of some women are also purely subjective, an internalisation of male power or notions of it, or based upon inequality of power, again very wildly and groundlessly assumes, that these women want or try to make men see themselves as simply powerless and unequal to other men or women other than themselves as sexually assertive and dominant women either collectively or individually.

Where some women want to make men powerless, and worship, please them, and want men to love and desire them in this way, this is basically a transformation and a personal and social active change of inequality in the form of an assertion against mutual powerlessness, rather than any overall and overt emphasis on actual power in any abstract and negative terms, but the metaphorical and erotic nature of power seems to take dominance and precedence over the underlying or hidden desires and intentions, and so therefore it is not based upon any desire to make men simply powerless to all women and to create inequality of power in any way.

Also, if some people object to the use of power related to love and sexuality in any way whatsoever, they must also remember that the general powerlessness between the sexes is far more unhealthy, unequal, and undesirable, because as I pointed out and stated, masochist men experience women’s bodies, minds, and emotions as assertive as well as powerful - assertiveness is very much connected to individual and equal relationships and rights - and without assertiveness and the love and desire of this in others, power is both imbalanced, incomplete, and lacks both spiritual and humanistic psychological and social potential, completeness, significant elements and full or holistic integration.

Feminism and Sexually Assertive, Influential, and Dominant Women

The vast majority of the petty narrow-minded middle-class hierarchical academic elite so-called feminists, and some of their grinning bulldog female class-traitor plebs who are their slaves and worship them - apart from the libertarian academic and writer feminist Camile Pagilia - have nothing but confused ignorance, and the most vile and extreme hatred and jealousy against dominatrix and similar women, based upon the most simple-minded myths and prejudices that all sexually assertive, influential, and dominant women, are conforming to male images and fantasies of women, that they over-sexualise femininity and women in this way, and that these women are simply internalising male power.

On the contrary, dominatrix and similar women, do not conform to male images and fantasies, as they actually sometimes make men conform to female images and fantasies of men, by doing things like taking pleasure in humiliating men, by dressing them up and making them behave like submissive women for them, not to impose any overall gender control upon men, but to create a parody of any male images or fantasies that other men and indeed some other women may have about them and other men.

The vile and extreme hatred and jealousy by most hierarchical elite so-called feminists against dominatrix and similar women, is very, very, misogynist, and the jealousy against these sexually assertive, influential, and dominant women, is that unlike dominatrices and similar women, most of these so-called feminists, have had their minds poisoned, dominated, and controlled by very male dominated political fantasies and political ideologies, which they conform to in their imagery of themselves as women, as both passively and actively masculine towards men and women, and in that way these Stalinist and Fascist so-called feminists are all mostly very pro-patriarchal. What's more, they only write, believe, and talk about any kind of matriarchy, in an anthropological and culturalist gender sense and context, but they have absolutely no kind of matriarchal political ideology, of any kind whatsoever for themselves and other women, and they have never had the creativity, imagination, courage and foresight to create anything of this kind at all.

One thing in particular they don’t like about dominatrices and other similar women, is that sexually assertive and dominant women won’t let these misogynist and politically ideological pro-patriarchal women, put them into an ideological, imaginary, social, and sexually submissive imagery and position, and these authoritarian feminists don’t like this, because they can’t oppress and unequally control dominatrix and other similar women in these ways.

The very authoritarian, puritanical, misogynist, and politically ideological pro-patriarchal forms of so-called feminism, also often use the male police state to try to change, reform, abusively cure and violate masochist men and women who assert their femininity in a non-passive but active way, and they make the claim that dominatrix and other similar women, are over-sexualising femininity and women, and that this is again conforming to male images and fantasies of women.

Firstly, dominatrix and other similar women, actually project their sexuality, in ways where they can make their own sexual assertions and demands towards and with men, but they are not passive recipients of any male fantasies or over-sexualised images of women. Most dominatrices, don’t have sex with men, or if they do, they certainly don’t allow men to over-sexualise them, as they both control and utilise men’s desires and imagery of women, for their own sexual desires and for genuinely equal mutual pleasure.

If any woman or women want to be sexually assertive, very influential, and dominant towards men with their femininity, then this is what they want to do, first and foremost for themselves - their femininity is in no way passive to men or male fantasies - and some dominatrices and similar women, have the potential and often do have some genuinely assertive, influential, and dominant feminine feminist views of their own, unlike pro-patriarchal, authoritarian Stalinist and Fascist so-called feminists, who sell out to male power and male political ideology, which sees and treats other women as socially, intellectually, imaginarily, politically-ideologically and sexually passive, and which underlyingly relates to and treats men as intellectually, imaginatively, and ideologically active and dominant.