The very Subtle, Detailed, and Major Differences between Masochists, Sadists, Switches, and Sadomasochists

I had originally said in my first article about them, that my American friend Steve was naturally a sexual-love masochist, and that his British wife Mandy was naturally a sexual-love sadist, and that their sexual orientations, in this way, also became reversed, in order for them to both justify taking some revenge against each other, for in some ways sexually enjoying, mistreating, and abusing each other, in different ways. However, I now realise and know, without a shadow of a doubt, that Steve is not really a masochist at all, and Mandy is not really a sadist. The real truth and reality of the matter, is that what Steve and Mandy actually are, is they are both in actual fact and reality sadomasochists.

"Sadomasochists", as a term, is nearly always used as a collective term over the Internet, in books, and within society, to describe both sadists and masochists, separately as different sexual orientations from each other - but grouped together in this way, conveniently by this inaccurate and confusing use of the term "sadomasochists" - and in order to refer to separate masochist and sadist people, as one very general and mixed "kinky" or BDSM group of people. However, in actual fact and reality, whilst there are such separate sexual-orientations, individuals, and human beings, as masochists, and sadists, there is also another completely separate and different type of sexual orientation, from masochists and sadists, and these are actually sadomasochists, and again, this what Steve and Mandy actually are.

What’s more, sadomasochists - whilst in a way still being a mixture of sadism and masochism within individuals, like Steve and Mandy - are not the same as switches, as switches, are a mixture of masochism and sadism, as a more external thing sexually, socially, and psychologically, according to what situation and other person’s switches are in BDSM role-play, or sexual love-relationships with, and which makes them either sexually dominant or submissive with different persons or people.

Unlike switches (who are also sometimes called "versatiles"), actual sadomasochists such as Steve and Mandy, are a fourth type of person and sexuality (who come after masochists, sadists, and switches), and who are a lot more internal, sexually and psychologically, than "switches", in that sadomasochists, are less sexually versatile, more private, and more sexually rigid than switches. Unlike switches, sadomasochists tend to have the same sadistic and masochist (somewhat reversing) behaviour patterns, sexual orientations, and experiences, no matter what other situation or other person, they are in role-play, different situations, or sexual love-relationships with.

Another major difference between switches and actual sadomasochists, is that whilst switches are much closer to what the academic, psychiatric, political, social, and mental health elite's and professionals consider as more socially, psychologically, and sexually healthy, more balanced, more normal and the general norm, most switches and so-called normal, so-called well-balanced, and so-called sexually and psychologically healthy people, are actually in a big way, in actual reality and fact much more sadistic and devious than sadomasochists, in that switches tend to have big cuckolding fantasies, desires, and/or behaviours (having sexual love-making and/or intercourse by openly or covertly cheating on masochist men or other men and women, by having sex and sexual pleasure against other men and women at their expense, and using, exploiting, loving, and/or desiring with or against other men or women as an ultra-submissive third person or party in these ways).

Whilst actual sadomasochists may sometimes engage in cuckolding fantasies, desires, and behaviours, against a very submissive or masochistic third person or party, they only tend to do or engage in all or any of this, if they themselves have been cuckolded or sexually cheated on to get their own back, and they will only engage in cuckolding sexual fantasies, desires, and/or behaviours if it is all agreed upon with and between the very submissive or masochist third person and/or party, and if it is all consensual - but usually even when they do this, they just participate to please all and everyone concerned - as any kind of overt or actual sexual cuckolding, is not really a big part of their major sexual fantasies, desires, nor really their thing.

So strangely enough, actual sadomasochists overall tend not to have these cuckolding sexual and social fantasies, desires, and/or behaviours that most so called very well-balanced and so-called normal switch people have - there is a sort of strange kind of loyalty, integrity, honour, and decency about sadomasochists in this way - and whilst they may sometimes purely socially cheat on or betray each other or other people, if anything, they tend to find the so-called well-balanced, so-called healthy, general, and so-called normal switch non-consensual cuckolding actual sexual and social fantasies, desires, and/or behaviours as very repugnant, unethical, immoral, and very sexually and socially repulsive.

Because of Steve and Mandy both fearing ignorance, prejudice, stigma, and discrimination from others, society, and the world, about their true sadomasochistic natures and desires, these conflict factors and reasons, between Steve and Mandy, sometimes lead to the both of them turning against each other, by judging and criticising each other very hypocritically, and because of all of these things and factors, they also both tend to insulate and isolate themselves from society and the world.

Mandy very hypocritically judges and criticises Steve, by making very harsh, crushing, insults and "moral" criticisms and judgements against him, and Steve does a very similar thing, by using some so-called psychological theories and ideas, in order to say to her or others, that some aspects of her sadomasochism, are due to things like so-called delusions and mental illness.

I also, now understand, why Steve is willing to travel ten thousand miles though, in order to have a sexual love-relationship and be with Mandy, because actual sadomasochists are much rarer, than masochists, sadists, and switches, and it is highly unlikely, that he will ever find the right suitable sexual partner like her again, without somewhat searching wide or far away.

Whilst some of what I initially said, in my first article and analysis, about Steve and Mandy, is still true about them, that they need to discuss and negotiate, in order to in some ways moderate, balance, and compromise their sadomasochism with each other (and I have repeatedly suggested to them that they need relationship counselling for this), it is also true that in some ways they also both very much consent and agree to, sexually enjoy, and like mistreating and abusing each other for their own sexual pleasures, and that some of that about them, will never change.

Both Steve and Mandy, also blame some parental abuse towards them as children, for their sadomasochism, although I personally don’t believe that this is a major cause of their sadomasochism, which is overall biological and genetic, although the child abuse they suffered, has probably intensified their natural sadomasochism. Again though, Steve and Mandy, can still, should, and must compromise, balance, and moderate their sadomasochism in some ways, in order to save their sexual love-relationship, lest they continue to mistreat and abuse each other in some ways, which is not agreed upon or consented by the both of them.

The Difference Between Matriarchy and Dictatorship

I absolutely and completely both spiritually and politically believe in matriarchy, but I in no way believe in dictatorship. Patriarchy is dictatorship, whereas matriarchy is about female domination, positive female influence, and the transformation of masochist men into new men who are both the servants, erotic and sexual slaves, and equal citizens and partners of women.

I personally am not a female supremacist - nor a supremacist of any kind - and if anyone thinks that dominatrices, female sadists, or female erotic and sexual dominants towards men, are exclusively female supremacists as isolated examples aside from all the other women in the world, then you are very wrong about all these wonderful and unique female sadist, sexually and erotically dominant, influential, and assertive women, and nobody should make any such discriminatory and wildly ignorant and inaccurate assumptions about them.

ALL women are female supremacists, but the dominatrices, female sadists, and female sexual and erotic dominants, are just more honest about it, and what's more they alchemise, transform, and blend female supremacism with many other political and psychological ideas, actions, experiences, sensations, and behaviours, which both moderates it and creates more political, social, psychological, spiritual, and individual and collective equality and freedom.

Psychologically and sexually, dominatrices, female sadists, and female assertive, influential, and erotic dominants may be female supremacists - AS AM I - but their main character, spiritual, psychological, and political natures and characters, are both overall and first and foremost, all about and to do with female sexual, erotic, psychological, political, and spiritual female assertiveness, female positive influence, dominance, and power - but sexual and erotic female dominance, assertiveness, female influence, female domination and power, are not the same thing as purely political female or any other kind of supremacy - and it is wildly assertive, stupid, and most ignorant for anyone to assume this about them psychologically, spiritually, and politically, and to blur and merge these separate things and categories - unlike their most wise and wondrous skilled alchemy of sexual and erotic assertiveness, domination, and both gentle, subtle, and very strong and powerful sexual and erotic humiliation and debasement of men and human beings like me, who like, desire, and love to entertain, please, satisfy, and to love and serve them in these ways.

Neither are any of these dominatrices, female sadists, or female sexually and erotically dominant, assertive, and influential women, in any way shape or form evil - contrary to some peoples very prejudiced, very ignorant, and wildly inaccurate assuming very gross prejudices and opinions - and this is neither why I worship, desire submissively and love them.

I love them all because they are mischievous, and because they are sinful, but they are completely and totally honest about their sins, and they are in no way evil nor hypocrites. I admit, I do like them because they are rebellious and wilful in their desires with and towards men, but as I have said time and time again, none of them hate men, they only go with masochist men, and what's more they do not abuse any man whatsoever, as what they do is a combination of pleasure, debasement (of masochist men), and love - as love is both dialectically, politically, psychologically, socially, and spiritually both separate, connected, and but also very much related to debasement - in the most deep, profound, completely non-superstitious and non-deluded complex psychological erotic, spiritual, and political ways - and all of these women know absolutely everything about all of this in ways that transcend words and the body of language, semantics, and linguistics we all live around and within.

What’s more, through sexual and erotic debasement and humiliation by them and other women, I am simply their messenger, and their erotic and sexual servant and grovelling slave. Obviously, I am not as pure as the snow, but I do not overall nor specifically influence nor manipulate any woman - nor any man for that matter - on the face of the earth, this is not my intentions or achievements, and I know that the real meaning of both real and true desire and love - and indeed of both personal and social achievement - has absolutely nothing to do with self or social status nor respect.

I admit, that I do allow and let women manipulate, sexually and erotically dominate, humiliate, debase, and trample all over me, but I lick their boots clean and kiss their feet that tramples upon me, because I enjoy all of this, and because I and they know that through their sexual and erotic humiliation and debasement of me, their transformative erotic and sexual female assertiveness, influence, domination, and power, and their knowledge and wisdom will be freely and democratically available to all people - both men and women - everywhere in this society and/or in any other societies and cultures, for a free, equal, and truly democratic matriarchal society and world for all.