Prostitutes and New Sexual Knowledge

I recently had some conversations over the Internet, with some prostitutes, who call themselves a prostitutes collective. These women are based up-north, and they have their own website. After reading my articles, on heterosexual male masochism, these fairly nice prostitute women, said that they all knew all about me, and that the reason I was sexually masochistic towards women, was because I am physically and mentally inhibited towards women sexually, and that I need to have sex with lots of them - which they will do for me for free because they love me - and because they described themselves as sex therapists and sex workers.

These women then said, that they have had sex with hundreds of men - including hundreds of men like me - that they are much more sexually experienced and knowledgeable than I am, and that my heterosexual masochism was a sexual problem, which can be cured by them, and that they all want to help me. Whilst in a way, I am very flattered by their offer, generosity, and kindness, and that their intentions are very good, and that they all mean very well - in terms of real sexual knowledge - I also think that they are very much controlled and influenced, by the wildly inaccurate academic elites, psychologists, therapists and other mental health professionals - and by very mainstream society - in terms of the prevailing and very false, outdated, and very inaccurate sexual theories. In that respect, they are just the same as everybody else.

I love most prostitutes as women, individuals, and human beings, because they are in no way sexually hypocritical, they are very often hypocritically blamed and scapegoated in society, by others in society and power, and in lots of ways they are very sexually healthy and liberated. However, intellectually, in terms of real and true sexual knowledge, I think they really know next to nothing, and that they are in this way absolutely full of shit. They could have sex with all the men in the world - it still wouldn’t make them knowledgeable about sex - as experience isn’t sufficient for this or enough, because we also have to challenge the prevailing sexual myths and lies in society; but on none of the prostitutes’ websites, do they say anything about any of this, or anything about sexuality.

It is not in any way true nor the case, that I am in any way inhibited towards women sexually, as I am quite capable - and have done many times in the past - of freely and uninhibitedly touching and enjoying women’s bodies, as part of both individual and mutual touching and pleasure. It’s just that I also like grovelling towards and emotionally, physically, and intellectually worshipping women, and some of that involves me debasing myself for them. Heterosexual masochist men, could have all the best sex, with all the women in the world, it still wouldn’t change the fact, that they are and always will be very natural masochists.

Sexist, Racist, Mentalist, and Masophobic Humour

There is sometimes such a thing as racist and sexist humour in society. There is also a lot of very cruel and nasty mentalist humour and behaviours about, directed against people with so-called mental health problems - and very unwanted cruel, ignorant, prejudiced, and discriminatory humour and behaviours, against people with different sexual orientations, such as natural sexual assertiveness/dominance/sadism in women and masochism in men - which unlike racism and sexism, hardly anyone ever questions, challenges, or criticises - including many people who dislike racist and sexist humour - because they see all this as fair game.

The thing is, we can, should, and must all strive for equality and/or fairness, as well as freedom, but we also all evolved from animals as human beings, and we are all like animals in some big ways, in terms of territory and hierarchy - and so even so-called very egalitarian people - will always treat some other individuals and groups as inferior, and take great fun and pleasure in unwantedly exploiting and mistreating them.

This is like racism, which is somewhat biological and genetic - but again - this doesn't mean that we can't challenge and change these things, through education, social learning, and positive desire, love, and positive social conditioning. Whilst racist, sexist, mentalist, and masophobic jokes, may be seen as harmless by some people - a lot of us can all know much better - that ideas can have consequences, and lead to abusive and harmful actions and behaviours, whilst it's much better that we know about what people think via things like humour, so it is out in the open and we can identify, understand, and challenge it.

On the matter and issue of sexism related to nudity, I'm not really against nudity, but sexism in relation to nudity, all depends on the way nudity is perceived and in particular the context. I am a heterosexual masochist, and whilst I like female physical beauty and nudity - and I will not lie and criticise other men and women about that issue and fact alone - women's bodies for me have a very majestic and assertive erotic power, which if anything makes me want to worship and submit to this, and to serve women sexually and/or erotically, rather than sexually dominate - and as I've said before - sexual submissiveness in women towards men repulses me, and has always naturally repulsed me.

What is also very true though, is that there are many women about, who like to objectify, humiliate, and debase men sexually, although women being women by in some ways having a lot more pride and respectability than men, will hardly ever socially ever admit to this. The fact and truth is, both men and women, do both in some ways enjoy objectifying and debasing each other, but in some ways that no one understands, this is in a slightly complex matter related to the complexities of desire, and related to love or greater love (which I will write an article about soon) - although very few people understand the deep or different types of love - which again I will write about soon.

The other aspect to all of this, is that people who make racist, sexist, mentalist, and masophobic jokes, say or use the argument that they are just practising and promoting free expression, and libertarian or liberal values, but I think that sometimes this kind of libertarianism or liberalism, is similar to the Marquis de Sade's idea, of a sadomasochistic libertine society, where everyone exploits everyone else equally. In some ways, this idea can be valid, but it is also very limited, and due to lack of real knowledge and imagination, and this philosophy, view or mentality, sometimes manifests itself in others, when they feel unequally or unfairly treated, or unwantedly exploited, and so they hit back at things like sexism against women, with things like sexism against men.

It's understandable to hit back - and some of that may in a way be valid or good - but we must also look for other ways forward, vastly unique and better knowledge, and to rise above it, and the same thing applies against ignorance, prejudice, and discrimination against things like so-called mental health problems and masochism.

It is my firm and thorough experience, knowledge, and belief, that most women are overall naturally sexually dominant, and in some more subtle ways, much more sexually sadistic towards men, than men are towards women. Again, most women won't admit to this though, due to the enormous pressure, to conform to societies lies and myths about female sexuality - and again - due to the fact that in a way, women have much more pride and respectability than men do. In light of these things, a lot of sexual submissiveness in women towards men, is due to the male repression and idealisation of female sexuality.