The Lies, so-called Cure, and actual Moderation of Masochism

It is simply a lie, put out by some social workers, psychologists, psychotherapists, and other professionals and academics, that masochism is a psychological problem, or that it is overall caused by social and environmental factors.

We, as masochist men (and sexually dominant or dominatrix women), are in fact much more natural and normal, than most non-BDSM people, because we as masochist men, allow women to either control, moderate, and/or unify our desires and pleasure for and with women, so we can achieve more equal pleasure, happiness, and orgasmic potency between us as men and women. It is in actual fact, in our desires and natures, as masochist men (and with sexually dominant or dominatrix women), to want to do this, but it is non-BDSM people, who are in some ways unnatural, abnormal, and who have the psychological sexual problems, and they need to listen to us, learn about this, respect us, treat us as equals, and change.

For example, I hate the term "penetration", to describe sexual intercourse between men and women - not because I dislike, or am in any way against sexual-love and sexual intercourse between men and women - but because "penetration" is wildly inaccurate, because the penis does not penetrate the vagina during sexual intercourse between men and women, as it is actually hugged and gripped by the vagina, and works and loves in unison, with the holding, hugging, gripping, and releasing of the vagina and our human bodies.

I also hate the term "penetration", because actual penetration, is in fact a form of rape, and it is in fact these lies, misconceptions, and misunderstandings, that affect our understanding of sexual-love and sexual intercourse in society between men and women, and which create very abusive and bad sexual attitudes in some men about and towards women, and in some women about themselves. The abusive language, which affects people’s attitudes and behaviours, needs to be questioned and challenged, and a new knowledge and understanding presented and created, in order to create much better attitudes, behaviours, and relationships, and that’s what I hope to do in this article.

Because of all these reasons, I have mentioned and explained, any kind of "cure" of masochism, is in fact abuse, and a very nasty attempt by the somewhat sexually abnormal non-BDSM people, to try to change us to their very sexually dysfunctional and somewhat abusive sexual attitudes, desires, and behaviours; which are distorting and ruining better love and sexual-relationships between men and women in society. Non-BDSM people, must realise this, because we are here to help and enlighten society, and to improve sexual and love-relationships between men and women - both in terms of individual and mutual happiness and pleasure - and in some ways, we are much better than non-BDSM people in this respect and regard.

So any kind of cure of masochism, is in actual fact abuse - usually in the form of so-called therapy and treatment - and it in actual fact, this distorts and damages the better sexual health, quality, and relationships of us all.

There is the whole matter, of whether it is desirable and necessary, to sometimes moderate masochism - as all people with whatever sexual orientations sometimes have to moderate their sexuality - and what things can otherwise make masochism more intense. I’m prepared to accept, that in some way, masochism might need to be moderated, if it becomes too intense. The two major things which intensify masochism in men, are social deprivation from women in terms of friendships or relationships, and deprivation from physical contact and/or sexual love with women. However, the solutions to these very occasional factors of intensity, do not in any way "cure" masochism, as I know many masochist men, who have had sexual intercourse with many women, on a very regular basis, and they are still masochists.

I did at one stage, in fact, totally change my masochism for a while, in a purely non-BDSM way (I was in fact internalising the "cure" or abusive therapy and treatment, imposed upon me by some others) - although I don’t wish at this stage, to give all the reasons of how I did this - but because I decided that this again wasn’t natural, desirable, or beneficial to myself and others, to change my masochism in that way, I allowed myself to be my true self again.

The Human Incompleteness and Integration of Gender

As a heterosexual male masochist, I take both a desire and interest in the views of many dominatrixes, or dominatrix-type women, and for years I have been talking to many dominatrixes in dominatrix webcam chat sites, studying their websites, and corresponding with many of them from all over the world, via email, and all of whom I respect, desire, and love.

I also recently checked out and watched some dominatrix youtube video clips. Most of the dominatrix youtube clips, were of dominatrices perpetuating the myth, that only masochist men need them sexually and/or in terms of love, but that they don’t need us, and that they take great pleasure in simply using us, for their pleasure, amusement, and entertainment. This myth is however, part of the BDSM role play, between masochist men and dominatrix or similar women, and in a way they are pleasing both themselves, and us as masochist men, and so it is therefore very good-willed, connected to mutual pleasure and love, and it is not supposed to be taken literally.

There were two youtube clips - again of individual dominatrix women speaking - which were different, and which stood out from the others. The first one, was of a dominatrix, describing herself as a "bitch", and she then said that others - and she was specifically referring to men - might say she is a "bitch" because she has her own beliefs and values, as an individual, and as a sexually dominant woman.

First of all, I don’t think that having your own beliefs or values, makes anyone a "bitch", and I was curious as to why she described herself in that way. This is because she associates having her own beliefs and values - as she put it - with betraying and not needing masochist men, and which again is a myth, and a soft or white lie. I also don’t believe, that either dominatrix or dominatrix-type women - nor masochist men - simply have their own individual values, in the ways that this dominatrix described it, but I think that what she was also really getting at and meaning, was that she doesn’t like masochist men - or any men - having their own beliefs and values, unless these beliefs and values come from women like her, and from other women.

This view is not typical of dominatrix or dominatrix-type women who cannot be made examples of, and blamed for this - as it is quite common amongst most women - and it’s a fact, that there often a battle or conflict, between for example - fathers and mothers - towards their child, teenage, and adult children, as to which sex and gender influences - in terms of feminine or masculine beliefs and values - influence or are taken up the most by their children, as children, teenagers, and especially as adults. Obviously, there may be a need for moderation and balance, in all of this, but this is the reality of the matter.

In some ways, I agree with this dominatrix woman, that beliefs and values must - at least in some ways - be an individual thing, but I don’t agree that this makes her a "bitch", although it’s curious that many domintrix, sadist, and sexually dominatrix women, like to refer to heterosexual masochist men, as their "sluts" and their "bitches". This shows us, that whilst they very honestly admit, and are completely open about the fact, that they also form their beliefs and values individually - regardless of the collective influence of women or men - that in their genuine open-mindedness and tolerance, they don’t really mind men doing this either. This is the mutual freedom, love, and mutual respect between dominatrixes, dominatrix-type women, and heterosexual masochist men, but which is often obscured by the role-play and mythologisation.

The second youtube videoclip I watched, was of a dominatrix, saying that masochist men, really wanted to be like dominatrixes and other similar women, because we are "disgusting little homosexuals", and that we were jealous of women like her, because we didn’t have a vagina. She then said that, that she and women like her, were evil, and that is why we, as masochist men, desired and loved her and women like her. This dominatrix, was just joking in a way, as a form of female black humour - and again, I don’t think she meant it literally - but it was very interesting, kind, and sharing, what she said nonetheless.

Whilst it is not true, that masochist men who desire dominatrix and dominatrix-type women, are at all homosexual, she did have a point about so-called reverse penis envy, or vagina envy, although it is not to do purely with genetals, but with human nature, society, and gender. It is a fact, that as men and women, we are all imcomplete as human beings, and that both men and women, we sometimes get curious, and in some ways jealous, of the fact that we don’t have in some ways, the better qualities, and/or beauty of the other sex. So it is not entirely true, what Freud very male chauvinistically said about women, in terms of so-called penis envy, because men sometimes feel this way about women too, although both men and women very seldom - if ever - admit to it.

One way, many non-masochist men have of dealing with these humanly incomplete and envious feeling of the opposite sex, is to in some ways debase the better qualities and beauty of women, both sexually and socially, because they want some kind of return or response, but as a heterosexual masochist man, whilst I have felt incomplete in human terms - because I am only a man, and not also a woman - the greater qualities and beauty of women, very much overwhelms me, and it is in actual fact me, me who wants to debase myself, and grovel and squirm for them, although again, this does not make me overwhelmed intellectually by any women, nor does it diminish or repress my beliefs and values as an individual, as well as, as a human and social being.

The Art of Satisfactory Grovelling

If there’s one thing I desire and enjoy more than anything else at all, ever, and which feels entirely comfortable and natural to me, and is most suitable and fitting to my true nature, it is grovelling to a beautiful and strong woman or women. This can be done romantically, or very intensely, with grace, or with very humble obedience, submission, and acceptance, and I get very passionate, and go into a deep and powerful trance, when I grovel to and worship women. .

It is my very humble opinion that beautiful women should and must be grovelled to by male worshippers and admirers, and what’s more, a beautiful women must be grovelled to and showered with warm and sensuous compliments all of the time.

My worship and intense adoration of beautiful and strong women, is completely and utterly religious, and encompasses all of my social, emotional, intellectual, and political thinking. I often worship and pray to the Goddess of all creation, and believe that dominant females are shining and living examples of the Goddess’s love, strength, and light on this earth, radiating like the warmth and brilliance of a thousand suns.

No amount of grovelling from me to beautiful and strong women, is ever enough, and I owe so much to those magnificent and wondrous women who have helped, supported me, and understand my profound and indescribable suffering that derives from not being permitted to serve and grovel to dominant females, and from not being permitted to be most loyal and obedient to their lovely orders, desires, commands.

Some men say that grovelling to dominant females is a pointless activity, as beautiful and strong women will only take advantage of this, abandon and reject us, and exploit or use men for economic and personal gain. My view on this, is that such exploitation just wouldn’t happen if men used their brains more often, and if men had or developed adequate intellectual skill and ability, but which is of course taught and instructed from the most wise, talented, and knowledgeable of all dominant Mistresses.

Woman is the Mistress, and man is her slave.

Sadism, Masochism, and Genetics

It is still widely assumed and stated, by psychotherapists, psychologists, and some other professionals, that masochism is overall and/or purely caused by social and environmental factors alone, but this very false theory and view, is mostly untrue, and it is also very unjust and harmful, because it denies masochist men, and sadist or sexually dominant women, free and consenting BDSM relationships, love, and rights in society, and it also creates masophobia and sadophobia.

Masochism in men, and sadism in women, is overall genetic, biological, and (if not denied and repressed) natural and normal, and all the facts support and prove this to be the reality of the matter. No one these days, says that homosexuality in men and women, is overall social and environmental, and yet some people and professionals still say this about masochism, and sadism. Obviously, masochism, and sadism, is natural and normal for these psychotherapists, psychologists, and some other professionals, but not also for other groups and individuals in society, and there lies the falsity, hypocrisy, deceit, denial, mythologisation, ignorance, repression, abuse, inequality, and double-standards.

What more, it is also a fact, that sadist women often give birth to masochist sons (and daughters), and I know this from personal experience, from what I know about other masochist men who I have befriended, when I was at secondary school, other masochist men I have interviewed and talked to in society, and over the Internet via chat rooms, email correspondences, and MSN (one-to-one talk) messenger.

It is also a fact, that if sadist or sexually dominant women, are not allowed to freely and consensually express their natural sexual-love desires, with other free consenting adult masochist men, then often they will impose this, upon their child and teenage masochist sons, and which takes the form of verbal, emotional, mental, and/or physical abuse.

This is why it is so important that society realises, learns, and recognises, that masochist, and sadist people, must be allowed to have free, consenting, and somewhat equal love-relationships and friendships with each other in society, because the abuse by sadist women, against masochist men or women as their children, has got to be stopped.

The very stupid, ignorant, and outdated view, that masochism, and sadism are overall caused by social and environmental factors, leads to things like so-called aversion/abusive therapy, where some social workers, psychotherapists, and mental health professionals, are allowed and feel it right and correct, to exploit, oppress, and abuse us, in the name of therapy and treatment, in order to try and change our natural masochist, or sadist, creativity, love and sexuality.

I know from experience, that aversion/abusive therapy, does not work for masochism (or sadism) - it reverses - for example, masochism, for a short time, and then for a while simply increases or intensifies it, as does other types of abuse, including the abuse of us as children and teenagers.

Many liberal mental health professionals, psychologists, and psychotherapists, are still advocating aversion/abusive therapy today, to be used to change or so-called treat natural, normal, and harmless masochism, and sadism (as was used against gay men and women in the recent past), but which is simply a way of them creating the ignorance, lies, and myths about masochism, and sadism, that I mentioned earlier - and in a very perverse and distorted way - for some of them to act out their repressed masochist, and/or sadistic fantasies and desires, against us, who are in some ways, being forced into the role of being sort of prostitutes or intellectual and pornographic play-things for them.

Masochism, Masophobia, and Morality and Ethics

Natural heterosexual masochism, is sometimes very erroneously and innacurately, looked upon, thought of, or seen, by some other women and some other men, as very immoral, because it is seen as encouraging the wrong - or the worst tendencies in the opposite sex - namely, unwanted violent, abusive, or hateful behaviour.

Most masochists in general, do not encourage nor induce, these bad or worse tendencies, in the opposite sex or others, no more than any other types of heterosexuality and sexuality, and to assume otherwise by others - in a very twisted, distorted, abusive, and very ignorant way - is masophobic, contradictory, hypocritical, downright immoral, and just plain stupid.

Natural masochism, is a very positive, passionate, loving, creative, educative, and socially constructive and creative thing, and it can also shed light on the true, positive, and natural sexuality, general psychology, and the personal and social constructive love and morality, of most people.

Masochist people, are sometimes victims of "moral" and other types of unwanted sadism, and masophobia from others, from things like aversion/abusive therapy, by some social workers, and by some mental health professionals and others, but most masochist people, are able to resist this and/or recondition themselves, to their true, natural, passionate, loving, moral, and educative masochist nature, and against the affects of the so-called "morality" and "treatment" of some others that I mention.

The moral and educational elements, that are part of - and very much intrinsic and socially integrative of natural masochism - are often far more moral than some other people, who regard themselves as very morally, socially, and politically superior - and what’s more - these other people’s "moral" sadism - is in fact extremely immoral, evil, and socially and politically inferior, to heterosexual masochists such as myself.

Again, most masochist men and dominatrix type women (and other women who love us), do not encourage masochist men to do be immoral, nor do they encourage us, to encourage or induce this in the opposite sex, nor in other people generally.

Indeed, a great deal of my general very unique knowledge and insights, which are recognised by some other people, come from experiences of my very passionate and deep love for women, in my family, society, and the world, from my sexual-love relationships with women, and from my love for most general life and humanity.

My Past Experiences of a Female Counselling Professional

...who was initially Very Good and Loving To, With, and Towards Me, but Who Then also in Some Ways Abused me Emotionally, Verbally, and Sexually (Mentally, Emotionally, Verbally, and Erotically)

A female counsellor, about ten years ago, helped me in many practical and emotional ways, for quite a long period of time, as part of our initial social friendship, and our counselling sessions together. She gave me a fair bit of support, sympathy, empathy, love and understanding, about the fact that I am and was born, a natural love and sexual masochist towards women, that I have been unjustly and unreasonably persecuted, punished, and abused for this many times in the past, in my childhood, teens, and adult life - and that I still am being persecuted and abused now, in a very similar way to how and why this female counsellor abused me, by another female professional who isn’t a counsellor - and that I am a child and teen abuse, school bullying and teacher abuse, and a social worker and psychiatric abuse survivor.

This female counsellor, was and is, in many ways a very beautiful and creative, clever, unique, brave and lovely woman, person, and human being, who I would have liked to have kept in touch with, been fairly constant friends with, and lived with for a while as her friend and/or masochist lover, and/or married her.

This female counsellor, also had no idea that I am an absolute genius as a writer, as she was very defensive and jealous of my writing talents and articles, and she used this jealousy of hers towards me, as an excuse for some of her sexual and erotic dominance, and role-play towards me, during a few of the counselling sessions - which I very much loved, liked, and enjoyed, and which was fine - although I also thought and felt, that she didn’t necessarily have to excuse herself for this, in that way - but she also used her jealousy towards me, as an excuse for her abuse against me - again, in order to feel superior to me, in a way, about me as a great writer, who shares his very unique and shared knowledge with others, from all walks of life.

I still very much loved and understood this female counsellor, and despite the fact that she in some ways deeply hurt me, emotionally, verbally, and in some ways mentally and emotionally sexually and erotically abused me - and which I didn’t ask for, want, deserve, or like - I still genuinely and sincerely love and desire her, deeply and immensely, and wherever she is - and whatever she freely chooses in life - I will always love her and wish her well.

I cannot excuse the deep hurt, in the form of emotional, verbal, and in some ways the sexual and erotic abuse by her against and towards me though, as again, it has happened to me again recently, in some ways, by another female professional who isn’t a counsellor, and I feel I must speak out about all of this - not least because I want to understand all the real reasons why the female counsellor did this to me - and which I think I already know - the ways it has in some ways still affected me, and because I want to write and share about all of this with the female counsellor and others.

During one of our fairly early counselling sessions - and without me asking her to do this - at some stage this female counsellor, touched me with a very gentle, sympathetic, and sensual touch and stroke, on my shoulder with her hand, and which at the time, I thought and felt, was very loving, kind, and absolutely fine, and in a way, like a very subtle and partial form of tantric-sex type sexual-love healing.

Some counselling sessions later, this female counsellor, asked me about my heterosexual masochist experiences and so-called fantasies, and then she smiled and drooled over me sexually from across the room, licking her lips, and simulating a kind of external French kissing, heavily seducing me, in some sexually or erotic ways that I very much like, love, and enjoy.

Then in our next counselling session, she seduced me again, by pretending to me that she was a female Mistress and a Queen, who I had to crawl to, bow down before, kiss her almost bare and very beautiful feet, and grovel to, love, adore, respect, and worship her, in this way. I naturally loved, liked, and enjoyed this, and I felt very much obliged to do this for her and me. To this day, I regret that I never did this for HER in particular, and for some other similar women, and that I didn’t physically and completely show her my true feelings towards her, in that way, at that particular duration and time, and which in a big way, she wanted in exchange for the previous touching and stroking, gentle and warm sensuality and love, by her hand, upon my shoulder that other time, and for the friendship, support, caring and understanding she had previously shown and given me.

In these and this way in particular, she then she made me further fall in love with her, and adore and worship her, but without any real verbal satisfaction, as she was quite cold when she played the role of a female Mistress and a Queen, and she just stared at me like she controlled and owned me, and/or like I had to serve her - but she was very, very, clever with her eyes, face, head, and body language and expressions - because she could communicate and tell me exactly what to do, without speaking verbally at all when she did this, and I’m not sure I’ll ever meet another woman quite like her, who can do that, in such a very clever, very creative, and skilful way.

This female counsellor, was obviously, saying, and trying to tell me, that she had some very unique, and most amazing, talents and abilities as well in this way, equal to my very good conversational, discussion and debate, and my writing talents and abilities, and that in this way, we were both more or less of equal talent, skill, worth and value, as individuals, and together as men and women, and as human beings and people, interpersonally and in society.

Again, this female counsellor did not speak at all, when she pretended to be a female Mistress and a Queen to and towards me, and this was also without any other physical individual or mutual contact, apart from her previous loving and slightly sensual, stroking of my shoulder with her hand. In her somewhat wild and frustrated anticipations, thoughts, and feelings, and in some of her very inaccurate prejudices and assumptions, about me being emotionally and sexually repressed, connected to her work-role labelling, prejudices, and training, she couldn’t - or didn’t want to - combine, connect, and/or integrate her previous very warm and gentle, sympathetic, and sensual touch and stroke, on my shoulder with her hand, with her somewhat separate and fragmented erotic, sensual, and sexual dominance desire and love as a female Mistress and a Queen, towards me, and in this respect I think she was somewhat lacking for and with me, although I could have taught, integrated, connected, and in some ways progressed and shared this with her, if she had let me at the time, or if I still knew her socially, and/or as her very special client, student and teacher, and her friend.

At the next following counselling session, whilst I had to wait for this female counsellor, outside the building and counselling room, a lot later than our usual agreed meeting time, and before she let me into the building and counselling room, she then had some sexual-love type making and sexual intercourse, with another person, in the counselling room, before our session, and before she actually saw me, I could tell immediately afterwards, when I saw her in the counselling room, by her body language, facial expressions, and her initial very awkward and repressed stammering speech - and because she was erotically and sexually charged and breathing quite heavily, mostly and initially towards me during this session and time - and because who she really sexually desired and loved was me.

Because of the male and female control, social, political, and sexual exploitation, and coercion, over her by some others, in her social and work-life and role, the social, political, and sexual and love exploitation, and the very false love and sexual repression used against her in this way, she therefore couldn’t express her true thoughts, feelings, and her true love, erotic, and sexual feelings towards me, and so she tried to love and desire me in this way instead, and which was the closest and nearest thing she could get to me.

When I then indicated and suggested to her, in the counselling room, in my body language, and with some of my verbal speech and communication, that I knew that this is what she had done and in some ways why, whilst I was waiting outside for quite a long time before the session - and when she then rushed, and very frustratingly and desperately needed to see me after this, outside the building and room, to let me in, for her to conform to, and in some ways to fulfil and satisfy this type of sexual fantasy of some others, she then looked at me with self-disgust, as if I was trying to judge or humiliate her for this - perhaps like she had just done to me in some ways - and which I wasn’t trying or wanting to do to her, in any way, shape, or form.

This female counsellor, then directed and projected, the disgust and hate for this person who had quite coercively and exploitatively had sex with her, onto me, because having to have sex with someone who controlled her, in this rather dominant unwanted way against her, obviously really very much repulsed and disgusted her, and because she really loved, cared for, and most desired me.

This female counsellor, couldn't entirely understand, admit, or be honest about this very deep, in some ways intense, and slightly complex love and desire, that she had for me, and so it developed, in some ways, into a fragmented form of pure lust, by her towards me, in this way, whilst she still at the same time - and still probably does - very much love and miss me.

This is also a big part of the way, that she dealt with, having to pretend to herself, myself, and some other people in her social and work roles and life, that she never loved nor desired me, that she didn’t and never cared about me at all - as a professional, women, and human being in society - and this was also her failed pretence and deceit to myself and others, that she never ever wanted to see me, nor in some ways know and care for me again.

This female counsellor, did sort of cheat on me sexually and socially, or TRIED to cheat on me in this way, and she also fantasised about me in a way, in this way, and which I still don’t mind if that’s what she likes and enjoys in some ways, but obviously, in some other ways, she was forced into this sexual activity and fantasy, in order to deny and repress, her care, true love, and desire for me, and our very unique way of communicating, loving, and relating; as if she was depriving herself and others from reality, and as if it all never ever actually happened.

When I was initially back, in this so-called particular counselling session with her, after I waited long outside, when she had got her breath back, after the so-called romp she’d just very recently had and experienced - and before I heavily hinted to her, part of what I knew about, what she had actually done and why - she then very aggressively, and sadistically, objectified and stared at me, as if it was me who had actually cheated, or tried to cheat, on her in those ways, and as if it was actually me, who was dirty and disgusting in this way, but which she actually felt and thought about herself and others, and which I never actually said or suggested to her, in any way.

At the next following counselling session, this female counsellor, then mocked or tried to mock me, very scornfully and sarcastically, and she laughed at me, and then bullied me and shouted me down, with very false and inaccurate, very negative, and very ignorant and prejudiced views, about heterosexual male masochism - that she had very repressively and coercively learnt and copied, from some of her male and female work-life and social role "superiors", and from other men and women, who had quite a bit of control over her life socially, politically, mentally, emotionally, creatively, erotically and sexually, and in terms of true love or loves, and creative and social skills, abilities, and knowledge.

This female counsellor, at the next following counselling session, then that said that all my mental health and masochism articles, were "defences", and at the next following counselling session, she very coldly and abruptly abandoned me, stating that she was ending the counselling sessions permanently, very soon - without giving me any real notice or time to prepare for this, other than one week - and then she refused to show me her any of her case-notes about me, but which I still would still like to read.

In spite of the abusive things this female counsellor did to me, whatever she decides to do in her life, I still wish her well, and I very much love and desire her very deeply, and immensely, and in a way she taught me a great deal, and she will always be my Mistress and my Queen.

A Critique and Appraisal of The Marquis De Sade’s sexual and political beliefs, views, and opinions

In a lot of ways, the Marquis De Sade’s idea of a totalitarian, excessive, and punitive sadomasochistic, libertine society and world, that he formed, wrote about, and said, in his latter years and life, has for quite a while - and especially now, in some ways - come true, especially in terms of "moral sadism", meaning those who use the excuses of morality, to be very sadistic and cruel, towards certain similar or different, or other, harmless individuals and/or groups.

In some ways, this punitive, sadomasochistic, libertine idea, is very desirable and harmless, for a lot of people - in moderation, and up to a point - but it is also something that we should all be somewhat concerned about - not least - because it goes against some of the Marquis De Sade’s overall, prominent, and very valid principles, views, and beliefs, and which are still very relevant and important.

I don’t however, agree with the vast majority of the Marquis De Sade’s psychological writings and views on sexuality - not least - because I think they are overall, psychologically, wildly inaccurate, about things like natural and harmless sadism, masochism, and sadomasochism, and they are the words and views of a very naive, psychological novice, amateur, and idiot. De Sade was very clever, and in some ways he was a very good writer of erotic fiction, but in other ways, he was very dull, unimaginative, sort of retarded, and quite thick.

I also agree, with some of the Marquis De Sade’s other views, on sexual freedom, against sexual repression of natural love and desires, such as natural or normal sadism, masochism, and sadomasochism, and I agree with his view, that unjust and unreasonable, cruelty and punishment for these things, is very counter-productive, and problematic, for very harmless, more honest, or people with different natural and normal sexual orientations.

I also agree with the Marquis De Sade, against cruelty and punishment, for very harmless, more honest, or different natural and normal sexual orientations, because it can cause resentment, bitterness, and anger, and can lead to a loss of things like love and support, trust, and individual and mutual happiness and pleasure. What’s more, it most definitely leads to more sexual lies, myths, and ignorance, about things like natural and normal sadism, masochism, and sadomasochism, and it also causes some counter-productive, artificial, or ineffective rebellion, against peaceful and desirable ideas and solutions.

So it is also simply not true, that the Marquis De Sade, just believed in a punitive sadomasochistic, libertine society and world, because he also had some strong criticisms about punishment, of harmless things like natural or normal sadism, masochism, and sadomasochism. This very important overall, and valid aspect, of what the Marquis De Sade believed in, wrote about, and said, has been forgotten about, omitted, left out, and ignored, from and about, his sexual and political beliefs, in the sexual liberation, freedom, and equality, of all natural and normal human beings.

In this way, De Sade, was not overall a sexual and political totalitarian, but towards the end of his life, he became very oppressed, exploited, confused, and very bitter about better sexual and political solutions, partly because of the excessive punishment used against him, by the French psychiatric asylum system, at that time historically, in France.

On the slightly complex matter of punishment, and it’s relation to pleasure and sexual freedom, De Sade, had two very different contradictory views on this, at different stages in his writing, work, and life.

Sexually and politically, the Marquis De Sade, did overall believe in and desire, not for people to be treated very cruelly, and punished, for their natural harmless sexual, or different natural and normal sexual orientations. However, much later on in his life, when he became sort of deluded, confused, and very bitter, the Marquis De Sade, believed sexually and politically, that people should be allowed, to oppress, control, exploit, torment, and/or debase and humiliate, other people sexually (including himself oddly enough), for greater and wider pleasure, amusement, and entertainment.

The central crux of this, is that in some very relevant and significant ways, the Marquis De Sade was being very creative and metaphorical, and not literal about this, but he has become misrepresented and misinterpreted in this way, by many people, including most so-called very intelligent, political and academic people.

Another central crux to this, of what the Marquis De Sade actually meant, intended, and desired, by wanting to oppress, control, exploit, torment, and/or debase and humiliate, is that he believed and desired to do this to so-called "good people", who are in fact very evil, and who oppress, control, exploit, and torment and/or debase and humiliate, people with similar or different, but natural and normal, sexual orientations, with "moral sadism", and which is used against those, who are more positive about expressing, and/or explaining, their natural and normal love and desires.