Prostitutes and New Sexual Knowledge

I recently had some conversations over the Internet, with some prostitutes, who call themselves a prostitutes collective. These women are based up-north, and they have their own website. After reading my articles, on heterosexual male masochism, these fairly nice prostitute women, said that they all knew all about me, and that the reason I was sexually masochistic towards women, was because I am physically and mentally inhibited towards women sexually, and that I need to have sex with lots of them - which they will do for me for free because they love me - and because they described themselves as sex therapists and sex workers.

These women then said, that they have had sex with hundreds of men - including hundreds of men like me - that they are much more sexually experienced and knowledgeable than I am, and that my heterosexual masochism was a sexual problem, which can be cured by them, and that they all want to help me. Whilst in a way, I am very flattered by their offer, generosity, and kindness, and that their intentions are very good, and that they all mean very well - in terms of real sexual knowledge - I also think that they are very much controlled and influenced, by the wildly inaccurate academic elites, psychologists, therapists and other mental health professionals - and by very mainstream society - in terms of the prevailing and very false, outdated, and very inaccurate sexual theories. In that respect, they are just the same as everybody else.

I love most prostitutes as women, individuals, and human beings, because they are in no way sexually hypocritical, they are very often hypocritically blamed and scapegoated in society, by others in society and power, and in lots of ways they are very sexually healthy and liberated. However, intellectually, in terms of real and true sexual knowledge, I think they really know next to nothing, and that they are in this way absolutely full of shit. They could have sex with all the men in the world - it still wouldn’t make them knowledgeable about sex - as experience isn’t sufficient for this or enough, because we also have to challenge the prevailing sexual myths and lies in society; but on none of the prostitutes’ websites, do they say anything about any of this, or anything about sexuality.

It is not in any way true nor the case, that I am in any way inhibited towards women sexually, as I am quite capable - and have done many times in the past - of freely and uninhibitedly touching and enjoying women’s bodies, as part of both individual and mutual touching and pleasure. It’s just that I also like grovelling towards and emotionally, physically, and intellectually worshipping women, and some of that involves me debasing myself for them. Heterosexual masochist men, could have all the best sex, with all the women in the world, it still wouldn’t change the fact, that they are and always will be very natural masochists.