Pro-pornography and Anti-pornography Groups and Sexual Abuse

The Nature and Links between Coercion, Violence, Mental and Sexual Abuse and some Pornography, and the Nature and Links between Coercion, Violence, Mental and Sexual Abuse and some Anti-pornography

There is a lot of conflict, confusion, and disagreement, between pro-pornography and anti-pornography groups, about the nature and links between coercion, violence, and mental and sexual abuse within the pornography industry in modern western societies. There is indeed some coercion, violent, mental and sexual abuse within the pornography industry, although it is extremely rare, but I agree that it shouldn't happen at all, whilst I still don't believe that most erotica and pornography is the problem. What is the main problem, is non-consensual sadism and masochism or BDSM, and non-consensual sexual domination, and the ways that both some pro-pornography groups within the porn industry and some anti-pornography both engage in, practise, and are very collusive and instrumental to all of this both directly and reciprocally.

There are some women who are innocent victims, and who are coerced, violently threatened, and mentally and sexually abused within the pornography industry, and Linda Susan Boreman (better known by her stage name Linda Lovelace), was a typical innocent and victimised example of this, by her first husband who forced her at gun-point and by controlling and physically beating her, to perform non-consensual acts of forced sexual domination, degradation, and pain with men on film, and the gang-rape of her as a prostitute, and which was all a part of his relationship control and abuse over her. When some women are mentally and sexually abused in the pornography industry, it is usually controlled and instrumented by mentally and sexually abusive relationships.

Again, whilst it is extremely rare, there are some women, who are coerced and tortured by sadistic men, in some BDSM video-clips and photos in pornography on the Internet, and it is also true that there are just as many men and maybe much more, within the extreme female sadism and domination genre - of one organisation in another country which I won't name or mention - who are being forcibly drugged, tortured, and very savagely beaten and sexually abused by sadistic women in some video-clips and photos on the Internet, although this not classed as pornography nor a part of the actual pornography industry. The other thing, is that whilst some of these men and much more so women, are innocent victims of this extreme coercion and mental, physical, and sexual torture and abuse, most of them are female and male sex offenders - such as rapists and male and female pedophiles - and this is the way that some people, both men and women, see it right to punish, exploit, and use them for other people's pleasure, as "A punishment to fit the crime" as they see it.

However, some of these male victims of some extreme female domination and sadism, and some female victims of male sexual sadism and abuse, are simply sexually dominant and sexually sadistic women and men, who may or may not have engaged in consensual or non-consensual sadist and BDSM activities, but these are just two examples of how sadist men and women, sometimes turn-against and non-consensually torture and abuse each other, and because this is all reinforced by some anti-pornography groups and well as within some of the pornography industry.

This way that punishment is related to pleasure in the modern pornography industries and within some extreme female sadism and domination, doesn't stop there either. There are some anti-pornography groups and men and women, who will use this same non-consensual sadism, extreme coercion, violence, and mental and sexual abuse, for covert pornographic profit and pleasure, in order to exploit, abuse, and objectify some men and other women, for things like masturbation, different sexual orientations such as homosexual, bisexual, or heterosexual and consensual sadism or masochism in other men or women, bisexuality, homosexuality, lesbianism, and transgenderism, because they see all of these things as sexual-problems, as abnormal or as mental health problems, and as pornographic, but they are making their own non-consensual, violent, and abusive pornography out of these things, because they see and think that their non-consensual, extremely coercive, and violent mental, physical, sexual, and erotic abuse as normal, sane, civilised, and altruistic.

Peter H. Donnelly