The Difference Between Matriarchy and Dictatorship

I absolutely and completely both spiritually and politically believe in matriarchy, but I in no way believe in dictatorship. Patriarchy is dictatorship, whereas matriarchy is about female domination, positive female influence, and the transformation of masochist men into new men who are both the servants, erotic and sexual slaves, and equal citizens and partners of women.

I personally am not a female supremacist - nor a supremacist of any kind - and if anyone thinks that dominatrices, female sadists, or female erotic and sexual dominants towards men, are exclusively female supremacists as isolated examples aside from all the other women in the world, then you are very wrong about all these wonderful and unique female sadist, sexually and erotically dominant, influential, and assertive women, and nobody should make any such discriminatory and wildly ignorant and inaccurate assumptions about them.

ALL women are female supremacists, but the dominatrices, female sadists, and female sexual and erotic dominants, are just more honest about it, and what's more they alchemise, transform, and blend female supremacism with many other political and psychological ideas, actions, experiences, sensations, and behaviours, which both moderates it and creates more political, social, psychological, spiritual, and individual and collective equality and freedom.

Psychologically and sexually, dominatrices, female sadists, and female assertive, influential, and erotic dominants may be female supremacists - AS AM I - but their main character, spiritual, psychological, and political natures and characters, are both overall and first and foremost, all about and to do with female sexual, erotic, psychological, political, and spiritual female assertiveness, female positive influence, dominance, and power - but sexual and erotic female dominance, assertiveness, female influence, female domination and power, are not the same thing as purely political female or any other kind of supremacy - and it is wildly assertive, stupid, and most ignorant for anyone to assume this about them psychologically, spiritually, and politically, and to blur and merge these separate things and categories - unlike their most wise and wondrous skilled alchemy of sexual and erotic assertiveness, domination, and both gentle, subtle, and very strong and powerful sexual and erotic humiliation and debasement of men and human beings like me, who like, desire, and love to entertain, please, satisfy, and to love and serve them in these ways.

Neither are any of these dominatrices, female sadists, or female sexually and erotically dominant, assertive, and influential women, in any way shape or form evil - contrary to some peoples very prejudiced, very ignorant, and wildly inaccurate assuming very gross prejudices and opinions - and this is neither why I worship, desire submissively and love them.

I love them all because they are mischievous, and because they are sinful, but they are completely and totally honest about their sins, and they are in no way evil nor hypocrites. I admit, I do like them because they are rebellious and wilful in their desires with and towards men, but as I have said time and time again, none of them hate men, they only go with masochist men, and what's more they do not abuse any man whatsoever, as what they do is a combination of pleasure, debasement (of masochist men), and love - as love is both dialectically, politically, psychologically, socially, and spiritually both separate, connected, and but also very much related to debasement - in the most deep, profound, completely non-superstitious and non-deluded complex psychological erotic, spiritual, and political ways - and all of these women know absolutely everything about all of this in ways that transcend words and the body of language, semantics, and linguistics we all live around and within.

What’s more, through sexual and erotic debasement and humiliation by them and other women, I am simply their messenger, and their erotic and sexual servant and grovelling slave. Obviously, I am not as pure as the snow, but I do not overall nor specifically influence nor manipulate any woman - nor any man for that matter - on the face of the earth, this is not my intentions or achievements, and I know that the real meaning of both real and true desire and love - and indeed of both personal and social achievement - has absolutely nothing to do with self or social status nor respect.

I admit, that I do allow and let women manipulate, sexually and erotically dominate, humiliate, debase, and trample all over me, but I lick their boots clean and kiss their feet that tramples upon me, because I enjoy all of this, and because I and they know that through their sexual and erotic humiliation and debasement of me, their transformative erotic and sexual female assertiveness, influence, domination, and power, and their knowledge and wisdom will be freely and democratically available to all people - both men and women - everywhere in this society and/or in any other societies and cultures, for a free, equal, and truly democratic matriarchal society and world for all.