Jesus Christ's Masochist Sexuality With and Towards Women

Jesus Christ's Masochist Sexuality With and Towards Women

Whether Jesus Christ ever existed - as some people say, along with the claim that there is some or much historical evidence for this - or whether Jesus Christ is a completely fictional character and the Bible is just a story, is all somewhat unknown and debatable. I just don't know, whether Jesus Christ existed or not, or whether the Biblical descriptions of Jesus Christ, are a falsely individual description of many people, in those Biblical times, and in that time, country, place, and society, and which still has some relevance and vital moral and ethical need and importance, to some sexual love masochist men with and towards women today, in our so-called modern world and society.

Whether Jesus Christ existed or not, there is some evidence from the Dead Sea Scrolls, that he did have at least one female disciple, who was also his lover, and possibly eventually his wife, and who some people say, was in actual fact the prostitute, Mary Magdelin. My very astute, most highly ingenious, and deep understanding of the Bible, is that Jesus Christ, certainly had more than one - if not many - female disciples, but that this is only apparent from reading the subtexts, semiotic messages, and disordered, and somewhat mixed-up and interchangeable historical events in the Bible, and from connecting them all up in the right sort of order, with very high and clever psychological character insight, and from paying a lot of attention to all the details, and how they relate to both the parts, different contexts, and the whole.

I very much know and understand, how these split, fragmented, and reversed historical events in the Bible - which are not actually put into the right context, or put into any overall chronological order in the Bible - are all interconnected and relate, to form a whole and complete picture, in terms of the fact that Jesus had many female disciples, but which appears to be omitted or left out from the Bible. This is all also actually written in code, in the Bible, either deliberately, or more likely out of covering up the truth of this fact, that Jesus had many female disciples as well as male ones, and it is more than likely deliberately misleading people as to the facts, truth, and reality of all these matters.

The story in the Bible of Samson and Delilah, is not about separate characters and persons from Jesus Christ, but it is a symbolic and a Freudian slip, and a character-split, displacement, or fragmentation, of Samson - who was actually Jesus Christ - for the fact that Jesus Christ was a sexual love masochist with and towards women, that many women loved and desired Jesus for this and in this way, and that some women, due to their denial and repressed desires and urges towards him, as a sexual masochist towards men, had some very intense jealousy, and very hateful thoughts and feelings against him, due to the denial of their sexual and love repression, by themselves and others.

The other character-split and displacement character and person, was Delilah - and who was actually Jesus Christ's female disciple, Judas Iscariot - and who betrayed him to the Romans and religious authorities, because of this particular female disciple - Judas Iscariot's - very strong repressed sexual love and desires for Jesus, as a male sexual masochist towards women, and her inability to both express and control, these very strong, intense, and somewhat repressed sexual desires and urges, and which led to her extreme jealousy and hatred against him. All of this, led to the betrayal of Jesus Christ, by one of his female disciples, Judas Iscariot, and to the murder of Jesus, by the Romans and religious authorities, and which is also very much related to the fact that Jesus was seen as a political threat, due to some of his radical political views and opinions.

Because since Biblical times, the lack of equal rights, lack of understanding, and lack of insight and honesty, towards, of, and about sexual love masochism in men with and towards women, in the modern-day present world and society, and the ways that women's love and desire for masochist men, is repressed and seen as deviant and taboo - and the kind of jealousies and very hateful feelings, thoughts, and behaviours by some women like Judas Escariot, towards some sexual love masochist men with and towards women, due to denial and sexual repression of their desires, love, and urges - hasn't changed hardly at all, very similar threats are still being made about us as sexual love masochists with and towards women in this way, in modern day society.

Now of course, the state and society, isn't allowed to murder sexual love masochist men with and towards women, who may also have some radical political views and opinions, but very illegal, immoral, and unethical threats of incarceration, from things like the psychiatric system, or through the doctors medical system imposing bans, and only allowing us to see doctors in far away restricted areas and places, are still sometimes being used against us, as they have been made against me very recently.

These very illegal, immoral, and unethical threats that are sometimes made against us, as sexual love masochist men with and towards women, are driven by the same denial and repressed sexual desires, love, and urges of some women, who again cannot control these desires and urges, and who's repressed sexual desires, love, and urges, leads to very strong desires and sexual fantasies, to illegally incarcerate us, in order to have power over us, and to arrange clandestine situations, where we are forced to socially interact with, and in some ways satisfy these repressed and uncontrollable sexual desires, urges, and fantasies of these women - and with the excuse that these women are punishing us for our honesty and openness, about our sexual love masochism with and towards women, which are described by these women as "Very bad attitudes towards women" - and all in order to enforce a very immoral, unethical, and unwanted humiliation, for us to also apologise about this very false, unwanted accusation, excuse and pretext, for the very immoral, unethical, and illegal incarceration of us.

Until we understand the real facts and truth of, within, and about the Bible, about Jesus Christ's sexual love masochism with and towards women, the women who desired and loved him in this way, and the role and part that some women played in his murder and crucifixion, these illegal and unethical threats, of things like illegal and very immoral and unethical psychiatric incarceration, and of forced social interaction, for clandestine sexual activities by some women towards us, will continue.