Prostitution, Economic, Personal, and Social Sexual freedom,

Prostitution, Economic, Personal, and Social Sexual freedom,
by peterpoets » 02 Oct 2010 08:57 am

Prostitution, Economic, Personal, and Social Sexual freedom, Love and Friendship

I've recently been studying and researching different kind of prostitutes websites on the Internet, and various things about these different kinds of prostitute individuals and groups occurs to me.

Whilst it seems at first glance, that prostitutes are very capitalistic, greedy, and gauge and measure love and friendship with men just based upon gaining money, this is not really the case or reality about all of this at all, as a lot of all this depends upon whether prostitutes are either completely and genuinely autonomously self-employed or autonomous collective groups, or whether they are controlled by men in both good and bad terms and ways, as either their bosses or their helpers and mentors.

If prostitutes have men as their bosses, mentors or helpers, then this doesn't necessarily mean that these men are evil or controlling in a negative way, but the problem is that often the men who control or help prostitutes or are their bosses in some ways, tend to impose very conservative values about love and friendship with other men upon them, and by doing this, they think they are helping, protecting, and securing love and social and friendship loyalty and priority for these women, by only encouraging them to seek love or friendship with men if they receive money for it.

Receiving money for sexual things, is fine and most people do this in one way or another, but money cannot buy anyone friendship or love, especially if it is in anyway hierarchical, controlled, or controlling.

This is why some prostitutes are genuinely and authentically self-employed and autonomous either as individuals or groups, so they can make money for themselves, whilst they are also free and can be friends or love men, when and how they choose to do so, and without any overall economic dependency and very conservative values being pressurised or imposed upon them.