My thoughts and Responses, on a Male Internet Friend's Recent view about Dominatrices, that they have an Illusory, and a False Identity and Persona, a

My thoughts and Responses, on a Male Internet Friend's Recent view about Dominatrices, that they have an Illusory, and a False Identity and Persona, as Sexually Sadistic and Dominate Women Towards Men, which they very Evasively, Deceitfully, and Falsely Present to Themselves and Others about Themselves

This view and interpretation about dominatrices, as recently put-forward to me by a male friend over the Internet, states and says that all dominatrices have and create a false persona and sexual identity, presented to themselves and others, of an illusory sexual character and nature, as sexually sadistic or sexually dominant genders and orientations towards men - which he also stated and said were very much conditioned, influenced by, and based-upon money and their vested Interest in monetary profit, which materially, economically, and socially and economic conditions and Influences their ideas of and about themselves in all these ways - and which he then stated also then creates a false and misleading sexually sadistic and erotic, and a sexually dominant illusion and fake or false identity and persona.

After telling this Internet friend, that I very much desire, love, and respect all dominatrices, sexually sadistic, assertive, influential, and sexually dominant women towards men, this male friend over the Internet, then said that he didn't like me talking about any of this, because he then told me that it made him think of me as less of a man, and that when I do talk and say about all or any or this to him, he said that he also has a lowered respect and regard of me as a man.

He also said, that none of these dominatrix women, are what I think or what I say they are, as they are not in fact sexually sadistic nor sexually dominant women towards men by nature at all, and that in actual reality and fact, that they are just prostitutes, who don't want to have sex with men, and so they beat men instead, in order to make lots of money out of it all.

This male Internet friend, is not a Marxist, but what he was saying about all of this, is very similar to the Marxist idea and view, that all personas, personalities, and sexual-orientations and character illusions, and all ideas, social, and gender conditions, are very much conditioned, influenced, and caused and strongly related to the social and material economic vested interests of these dominatrix women, who are in reality and fact not authentically or genuinely sexually sadistic or sexually dominant at all.

Wiliest I totally disagree with this male Internet friend, that being a heterosexual male masochist towards and with women, makes me any less of a man - nor that sexually sadistic and sexually dominant women towards men, makes them less of a woman or women and not real women - up to a point - I think he has a point about social, economic, material conditions, and social circumstances, being a primary and major cause, conditioning, and an influence, of sexual orientations and desires, and of some fake or false identity constructions and fabrications related to all of this, and as presented to the self and others by dominatrices.

Again, I agree in a way, and up to a point, with his sort of Marxists view, as many dominatrices, are not simply female sadists towards men, nor are they simply sexually dominant women towards men as they claim, as the vast majority of dominatrices are in actual fact switches who swing both ways as submissive or dominant, according to what other person or situation they are in. Also, some dominatrices, are also neither female sadists, nor sexual female dominants towards men, as they can also be either reverse female masochists, or sadomasochists - as sadomasochists, are again - a completely different and separate type of person from sadists, masochists, female dominants, female reverse masochists, and switches.

I have learned from my years of study of the texts, subtexts, shapes and order, and my deconstructed irregular and displaced patterns and motions, of the linguistics and semantics on all of the dominatrices websites, and from studying and deeply and complexly analysing their photos as well - and also by engaging in fairly long web-cam chat conversations, with many of them over the years, and thousands of MSN Messenger and email conversations with them - they are all in actually reality and fact a mixture of female sadists, female dominants, reverse female masochists, switches - and actual sadomasochists - who are again completely different from all the other types of BDSM sexual orientations.

So contrary to this male Internet friend's, rather over-simplified, very cynical, and very reductionist view about dominatrices, having their false sexual identity, personal, and sexual genders and sexual-orientation characters, conditioned and influenced my economic vested interests, and that these ideas that they have or present to others about themselves, are all conditioned and influenced by social, economic, and material circumstances, interests, and influences - I do still believe what they say what they are - although of course some of them are not be clear, knowledgeable, nor specific about what they really are or they are lying, because there are in actual fact and reality six different types of BDSM, dominatrices, and sexual female domination people - male and female masochists, female sadists, female dominants, reverse female masochists, switches - and again - actual sadomasochists, who are completely and totally different from all the rest.

Peter H. Donnelly