The Dutch Film Version of Venus in Furs

Yesterday, I watched the Dutch dubbed version of Venus in Furs, although it had been a while since I had seen it, because previously I had it on video, but now I have it on DVD. I thought the film was quite good, in that it showed the problems BDSM couples can sometimes have with staying sane, safe, and consensual, and how female sexual domination can sometimes get out of hand, and spill over into non-consented violence.

I've had some first-hand experience of this when I was slapped, spanked, humiliated, and dominated by two female dominants in an Indian restaurant, called Dawn and Kate, where some of the humiliation and slapping (which led to punching by Dawn) became non-consensual and got a bit out of hand. One of the female dominants called Dawn, also became very jealous of the other one called Kate, shouting at me that she taught Kate everything she knew about female domination.

I wonder, did she dominate Kate to teach her how to do this?, or was she submissive towards her? Truth is, it was Kate who initiated the whole thing, came up with the most imaginative ideas, and started the whole thing off. Dawn also didn't seem to like me being affectionate and submissive towards her, whereas Kate was very comfortable with this and enjoyed it.

Dawn also assumed the whole time that I was completely mad, and she treated me in a way that she thought mad people should be treated - that is - to be made fools and spectacles out of for so-called normal people's amusement and entertainment. Because she thought I was completely mad, she never communicated or interacted with me in conversation, and she was very cold and one-sided in that respect, preferring to keep me at a distance in order to perpetuate the mad stereotype.

The Dutch film version of Venus in Furs, also showed how female dominants will sometimes try to seek male dominants, although they are more suited towards male masochists and submissives, and how male masochists will also sometimes try to become male dominants to suit their dominant female partners, or to use this against them if they experience some sort of betrayal. The film differed from the book though, in that Wanda the female dominant is shown to have a female lover, to which she is shown to be submissive towards, whilst she ties her male masochist lover Severin up, and gets a male dominant to whip and brand him against his desires and wishes.

The film didn't explain much about female domination and male masochism, but as an artistic piece of work it was moody, atmospheric, and in a way unique.