Venus Rising

Mistress Toni:Come here my loving servant!

Peter:At your service the Mistress, I worship and adore you.

Mistress Toni:I’m nonchalant and reclining, so I hope you’ve brought something to keep me cool.
Peter: Of course great and wondrously creative Mistress Toni, I brought you a fan for me to keep you cool, and your paints and canvas. I bow again and again to your great skill and graceful beauty.

Mistress Toni:Stand up straight for me Peter, and relax.

Peter: Anything for you, oh great and wise Mistress Toni. Mistress Toni: Not once have you expressed your emotions to me, and I want you to in future - in fact I demand that you do!

Peter:I have expressed my feelings with you through your art and our unique relating and social interacting, but I’m not as emotionally strong as you are, and I could never match your emotional intelligence - you’d outwit me every time.

Mistress Toni: This is not a competition - I’m the Mistress, and I demand that you express your emotions and feelings towards me in future.

Peter: Of course Mistress Toni.

Mistress Toni: You may hate me for it .. ahh .. or you may love me even more than you do now ... mmm .. and I might be far away in my thoughts about you, whilst you are suffering and yearning in abstraction without me.

Peter: But you said that it wasn’t a competition?

Mistress Toni:Stand up straight for me and relax!

Peter:How can I stand up straight and relax?

Mistress Toni:You’re an exception!

Peter:But the Mistress’s pleasure .. I mean your pleasure Mistress Toni, always has to come first - it’s built into my genes, and that’s the way I experience pleasure and love - and yet you expect me to initiate my feelings towards you first .. there’s no possibility of a displacement of bad feelings towards you, unless that’s what you expect from me .. I’m unique.

Mistress Toni:Who is the most unique here?

Peter:You are Mistress Toni, you are so unique and I would never stifle your uniqueness or creativity .. I love and understand you so much.

Mistress Toni:And I make you unique don’t I?!

Peter:Yes Mistress Toni, you’re a teleological perfectionist.

Mistress Toni:You will express your emotions and feelings towards me in future, exactly as you experience them. You will get it wrong of course .. ha ha ha ha, and I will have to punish you with cold eyes or spoken kisses.

Peter:Erm? ...

Mistress Toni: Speak your mind Peter, and don’t be shy.

Peter:Well, before we used to believe that we could be anything, and now we believe that we could be nothing and yet everything, and so belief itself is now nothing but a suspension of meaning, place, and time. It’s like abstract art, and I don’t like abstract art if it’s just abstract for the sake of it - it avoids meaning like the plague!


Peter:Well what is it then? .. Monet, a Picasso, or Surrealism perhaps - like Magrite my favourite artist - yes surrealism, because things really are surreal, and that’s what I’ve been saying all along.

Mistress Toni:It’s best that we don’t know what we are - then there’s more possibility of intimacy and detachment - are you cross questioning me?!

Peter:No .. all right it’s a stupid analogy.

Mistress Toni:It’s not a stupid analogy, and you didn’t even initiate it or suggest it! Bow to me!

Peter:Sorry Mistress Toni, I hope you are pleased with me, your male slave .. I lay at your feet in my thoughts and feelings ready to please and serve you.

Mistress Toni: So we’re in agreement then aren’t we.

Peter:Yes Mistress Toni. I love modern art, and relationships are indeed somewhat abstract and very creative.

Mistress Toni:So if you painted a picture, what person would you be?

Peter:A loyal, wise, and foolish person, humble and obedient towards you.

Mistress Toni:No you wouldn’t!

Peter:Social roles do you mean?

Mistress Toni:Not social roles! Social roles are not isolated or abstract things! Paint for me, paint for me, paint for me .. and then sing for me, sing for me, sing for me .. and then dance for me, dance for me, dance for me .. and then dream for me, dream for me, dream for me. Then pray for me, pray for me, pray for me .. then stray for me, stray for me, stray for me .. and then fade for me, fade for me, fade for me .. and return for me, return for me, return for me, fade for me and return into reduction and abstraction!

Peter:That’s poetry! You’re a fantastic and marvellous poet Mistress Toni, and I adore and worship you more than ever .. symbolically of course.

Mistress Toni: Only symbolically?

Peter:Yes, because I love cubism .. it moves and yet remains still on canvas - it’s structure is abstract, and yet its content is fluid and meaningful without paradox or rigidity, and that’s what you are to me.

Mistress Toni:I like that. But what would your role be in such a painting or display of timelessness and non-precision?

Peter:There are no roles.

Mistress Toni:Ahh, exactly. Oh, but there must be roles of a kind .. mmm .. what are they? Ha ha ha ha ha ha! What are they? Where are they? Who are they? You don’t know do you?

Peter: Well, I don’t think you believe in roles.

Mistress Toni: Satisfy me! Patronise me! Gratify me! Edify me! Certify me! Defy me! Delight me! Incite me! Recite me! Excite me! Insight me! Slight me! Light me! Heighten me! Flight me! Brighten me! Enlighten me! Submit with me!

Peter:More poetry Mistress Toni - you’re a genius and a great artist in your own right.

Mistress Toni:Did I ask you to start painting? Let me initiate what you paint, feel, think, and say. I’ll say what you are, and then you’ll paint it for me - but it’s for me! I don’t want cubism, abstract art, or surrealism - anything and everything must go - and return!

Peter: Everything and nothing in return Mistress Toni, and I demand it for you!

Mistress Toni: Ha ha ha ha! .. no you don’t demand anything! Try again - choose another colour for me. What colour are you craving.

Peter:The colour of impure ideas, because I don’t like purity. Out of the muddy pond a lotus flower blooms, but it has no seeds - it is the symbol of everlasting love and life, and yet it changes and reinvents itself, diminishes, and yet keeps on growing.

Mistress Toni: Am I pure to you?

Peter: No, you are like the lotus flower, oh most wise and beautiful Mistress.

Mistress Toni: But the flower is symbolic?

Peter:It refuses to allow others to clone, level, or fashion the way that it relates and unrelates to the pond, the sky, the ocean, and the silver clouds.

Mistress Toni: And that’s how you see me?

Peter: That’s how I’d like to see you, but I am far away into abstraction. Can’t you see me?, can’t you see me?, can’t you see me?

Mistress Toni:I see nothing.

Peter:That’s because you haven’t told me what to paint yet, and I’m still waiting.

Mistress Toni: I’m not asking you to paint anything, but asking you what you would paint if I were to ask you to.

Peter: Oh great wise and beautiful Mistress, I have learnt that there is no single image of me, unless it comes from you. I have learnt that there is no single canvass, unless it comes from me.

Mistress Toni: So it’s a bit of a variety act is it?!

Peter: Yes Mistress Toni.

Mistress Toni:Then paint for me, paint for me, paint for me .. and then sing for me, sing for me, sing for me .. and then dance for me, dance for me, dance for me .. and then dream for me, dream for me, dream for me. Then pray for me, pray for me, pray for me .. then stray for me, stray for me, stray for me .. and then fade for me, fade for me, fade for me and return, fade for me and return into reduction and abstraction.