Masochism and the New Man

I think that being dominated by women sexually, can transform masochist men into becoming new men. The new man develops and progresses, by surrendering his ego to the sexually dominant woman or women, and develops a new sense of creativity, knowledge, wisdom, loyalty, and love. There is a process to this.

Whilst I adore, worship, and love women, I do find that a lot of women are unable to engage intellectually with men, or are intellectually null or despotic. Some women aren't like this, but then they are freaks of nature, much like myself. I was discussing with a friend of mine about something with a female friend, and because he disagreed with her, she took this as a personal attack and insult, and turned a bit nasty saying he was just drunk. This has happened to me with a lot of women, that women take a disagreement or debate as a personal attack and insult and then turn nasty.

Whilst I like being sexually dominated by women, I don't like being intellectually dominated, and one thing I will never surrender or submit is my intellect, and my freedom of thought and speech. As well as having a natural submissiveness, I also think that I have a certain pride and intellectual mastery, which makes women in general want to dominate and humiliate me. I am however also a receptor and filter for unique knowledge which I get from women, as well as having my own findings and unique knowledge, and there can also be sharing and give and take on intellectual matters.

I'm also interested in the spiritual, and gender aspects, of masochism and female sexual domination. Masochist men tend to absorb femininity, and thus increase it in women, whereas dominant men tend to project their masculinity upon women and diminish women's femininity. Women tend to rebel against this masculinity projection though, and which is one reason why they like to reassert their femininity by dominating masochist and sexually submissive men.

When I fall in love with sexually dominant women or women, it is like a spiritual worship and love, and I become completely absorbed by the woman who rules me entirely. There is also a synchronicity and mutual exchange of knowledge between masochist and sexually submissive men and sexually dominant women, and which transforms knowledge into something more balanced, productive, shared, and more creative.