Female Masochists

I once knew a so-called female masochist, and she has some very beautiful and unique qualities, as I think all female masochists do - but for me, not in an overtly sexual way - but more so in terms of character and personality. On the other hand, some people say, that there is no such thing as female masochism - that it is an oxymoron - just plain conformity, and due to repressive, and oppressive, bad social conditioning. I think there is a lot of truth in this view, and that "masochism" and "sadism", are in a way, very reductionist, and psychiatric labels.

Anitta phillips, a self-described female masochist and author, has written a book on female masochism, called A Defence of Masochism, where she says that a male masochist, is not really suited to a female sadist, because she says, that so-called sadists tend to use some force, and masochists tend to use, more consensus, contracts, and shared agreement (she doesn't mention the other category of a female dominant, as a third type of woman and person). Anitta Phillips also says, that male masochists are actually much more suited to female masochists, who play the part of the female sadist or female dominant for them.

I've never read Anitta phillips book, but I once heard a short interview of her on the radio, and I have read a short review of her book, on www.amazon.co.uk. I agree with Anitta phillips’ view up to a point, but again, I think it's not the whole picture - not least, because I think that it is based on a very monogamous view of relationships - and that male masochists sometimes need, and are lovingly, socially, and sexually, suited to, a wide variety of women, including (reverse) female masochists, female sadists, female dominants, and other women.

I do believe, in a way, and up to a point, there are such women and people, as female dominants, female sadists, and female masochists, and that there is sort of such a thing as a so-called "switch" (who is both dominant and submissive), but female sadists and female dominants - for a big reason because of repression, of their natural love and sexuality - sometime need, or feel they need to, charge their female sadism or female dominance, by being masochistic and submissive in other situations, socially and sexually, and the same thing also sometimes applies to female and male masochists.