The Lies, so-called Cure, and actual Moderation of Masochism

It is simply a lie, put out by some social workers, psychologists, psychotherapists, and other professionals and academics, that masochism is a psychological problem, or that it is overall caused by social and environmental factors.

We, as masochist men (and sexually dominant or dominatrix women), are in fact much more natural and normal, than most non-BDSM people, because we as masochist men, allow women to either control, moderate, and/or unify our desires and pleasure for and with women, so we can achieve more equal pleasure, happiness, and orgasmic potency between us as men and women. It is in actual fact, in our desires and natures, as masochist men (and with sexually dominant or dominatrix women), to want to do this, but it is non-BDSM people, who are in some ways unnatural, abnormal, and who have the psychological sexual problems, and they need to listen to us, learn about this, respect us, treat us as equals, and change.

For example, I hate the term "penetration", to describe sexual intercourse between men and women - not because I dislike, or am in any way against sexual-love and sexual intercourse between men and women - but because "penetration" is wildly inaccurate, because the penis does not penetrate the vagina during sexual intercourse between men and women, as it is actually hugged and gripped by the vagina, and works and loves in unison, with the holding, hugging, gripping, and releasing of the vagina and our human bodies.

I also hate the term "penetration", because actual penetration, is in fact a form of rape, and it is in fact these lies, misconceptions, and misunderstandings, that affect our understanding of sexual-love and sexual intercourse in society between men and women, and which create very abusive and bad sexual attitudes in some men about and towards women, and in some women about themselves. The abusive language, which affects people’s attitudes and behaviours, needs to be questioned and challenged, and a new knowledge and understanding presented and created, in order to create much better attitudes, behaviours, and relationships, and that’s what I hope to do in this article.

Because of all these reasons, I have mentioned and explained, any kind of "cure" of masochism, is in fact abuse, and a very nasty attempt by the somewhat sexually abnormal non-BDSM people, to try to change us to their very sexually dysfunctional and somewhat abusive sexual attitudes, desires, and behaviours; which are distorting and ruining better love and sexual-relationships between men and women in society. Non-BDSM people, must realise this, because we are here to help and enlighten society, and to improve sexual and love-relationships between men and women - both in terms of individual and mutual happiness and pleasure - and in some ways, we are much better than non-BDSM people in this respect and regard.

So any kind of cure of masochism, is in actual fact abuse - usually in the form of so-called therapy and treatment - and it in actual fact, this distorts and damages the better sexual health, quality, and relationships of us all.

There is the whole matter, of whether it is desirable and necessary, to sometimes moderate masochism - as all people with whatever sexual orientations sometimes have to moderate their sexuality - and what things can otherwise make masochism more intense. I’m prepared to accept, that in some way, masochism might need to be moderated, if it becomes too intense. The two major things which intensify masochism in men, are social deprivation from women in terms of friendships or relationships, and deprivation from physical contact and/or sexual love with women. However, the solutions to these very occasional factors of intensity, do not in any way "cure" masochism, as I know many masochist men, who have had sexual intercourse with many women, on a very regular basis, and they are still masochists.

I did at one stage, in fact, totally change my masochism for a while, in a purely non-BDSM way (I was in fact internalising the "cure" or abusive therapy and treatment, imposed upon me by some others) - although I don’t wish at this stage, to give all the reasons of how I did this - but because I decided that this again wasn’t natural, desirable, or beneficial to myself and others, to change my masochism in that way, I allowed myself to be my true self again.