The Art of Satisfactory Grovelling

If there’s one thing I desire and enjoy more than anything else at all, ever, and which feels entirely comfortable and natural to me, and is most suitable and fitting to my true nature, it is grovelling to a beautiful and strong woman or women. This can be done romantically, or very intensely, with grace, or with very humble obedience, submission, and acceptance, and I get very passionate, and go into a deep and powerful trance, when I grovel to and worship women. .

It is my very humble opinion that beautiful women should and must be grovelled to by male worshippers and admirers, and what’s more, a beautiful women must be grovelled to and showered with warm and sensuous compliments all of the time.

My worship and intense adoration of beautiful and strong women, is completely and utterly religious, and encompasses all of my social, emotional, intellectual, and political thinking. I often worship and pray to the Goddess of all creation, and believe that dominant females are shining and living examples of the Goddess’s love, strength, and light on this earth, radiating like the warmth and brilliance of a thousand suns.

No amount of grovelling from me to beautiful and strong women, is ever enough, and I owe so much to those magnificent and wondrous women who have helped, supported me, and understand my profound and indescribable suffering that derives from not being permitted to serve and grovel to dominant females, and from not being permitted to be most loyal and obedient to their lovely orders, desires, commands.

Some men say that grovelling to dominant females is a pointless activity, as beautiful and strong women will only take advantage of this, abandon and reject us, and exploit or use men for economic and personal gain. My view on this, is that such exploitation just wouldn’t happen if men used their brains more often, and if men had or developed adequate intellectual skill and ability, but which is of course taught and instructed from the most wise, talented, and knowledgeable of all dominant Mistresses.

Woman is the Mistress, and man is her slave.