Sadism, Masochism, and Genetics

It is still widely assumed and stated, by psychotherapists, psychologists, and some other professionals, that masochism is overall and/or purely caused by social and environmental factors alone, but this very false theory and view, is mostly untrue, and it is also very unjust and harmful, because it denies masochist men, and sadist or sexually dominant women, free and consenting BDSM relationships, love, and rights in society, and it also creates masophobia and sadophobia.

Masochism in men, and sadism in women, is overall genetic, biological, and (if not denied and repressed) natural and normal, and all the facts support and prove this to be the reality of the matter. No one these days, says that homosexuality in men and women, is overall social and environmental, and yet some people and professionals still say this about masochism, and sadism. Obviously, masochism, and sadism, is natural and normal for these psychotherapists, psychologists, and some other professionals, but not also for other groups and individuals in society, and there lies the falsity, hypocrisy, deceit, denial, mythologisation, ignorance, repression, abuse, inequality, and double-standards.

What more, it is also a fact, that sadist women often give birth to masochist sons (and daughters), and I know this from personal experience, from what I know about other masochist men who I have befriended, when I was at secondary school, other masochist men I have interviewed and talked to in society, and over the Internet via chat rooms, email correspondences, and MSN (one-to-one talk) messenger.

It is also a fact, that if sadist or sexually dominant women, are not allowed to freely and consensually express their natural sexual-love desires, with other free consenting adult masochist men, then often they will impose this, upon their child and teenage masochist sons, and which takes the form of verbal, emotional, mental, and/or physical abuse.

This is why it is so important that society realises, learns, and recognises, that masochist, and sadist people, must be allowed to have free, consenting, and somewhat equal love-relationships and friendships with each other in society, because the abuse by sadist women, against masochist men or women as their children, has got to be stopped.

The very stupid, ignorant, and outdated view, that masochism, and sadism are overall caused by social and environmental factors, leads to things like so-called aversion/abusive therapy, where some social workers, psychotherapists, and mental health professionals, are allowed and feel it right and correct, to exploit, oppress, and abuse us, in the name of therapy and treatment, in order to try and change our natural masochist, or sadist, creativity, love and sexuality.

I know from experience, that aversion/abusive therapy, does not work for masochism (or sadism) - it reverses - for example, masochism, for a short time, and then for a while simply increases or intensifies it, as does other types of abuse, including the abuse of us as children and teenagers.

Many liberal mental health professionals, psychologists, and psychotherapists, are still advocating aversion/abusive therapy today, to be used to change or so-called treat natural, normal, and harmless masochism, and sadism (as was used against gay men and women in the recent past), but which is simply a way of them creating the ignorance, lies, and myths about masochism, and sadism, that I mentioned earlier - and in a very perverse and distorted way - for some of them to act out their repressed masochist, and/or sadistic fantasies and desires, against us, who are in some ways, being forced into the role of being sort of prostitutes or intellectual and pornographic play-things for them.