Masochism, Masophobia, and Morality and Ethics

Natural heterosexual masochism, is sometimes very erroneously and innacurately, looked upon, thought of, or seen, by some other women and some other men, as very immoral, because it is seen as encouraging the wrong - or the worst tendencies in the opposite sex - namely, unwanted violent, abusive, or hateful behaviour.

Most masochists in general, do not encourage nor induce, these bad or worse tendencies, in the opposite sex or others, no more than any other types of heterosexuality and sexuality, and to assume otherwise by others - in a very twisted, distorted, abusive, and very ignorant way - is masophobic, contradictory, hypocritical, downright immoral, and just plain stupid.

Natural masochism, is a very positive, passionate, loving, creative, educative, and socially constructive and creative thing, and it can also shed light on the true, positive, and natural sexuality, general psychology, and the personal and social constructive love and morality, of most people.

Masochist people, are sometimes victims of "moral" and other types of unwanted sadism, and masophobia from others, from things like aversion/abusive therapy, by some social workers, and by some mental health professionals and others, but most masochist people, are able to resist this and/or recondition themselves, to their true, natural, passionate, loving, moral, and educative masochist nature, and against the affects of the so-called "morality" and "treatment" of some others that I mention.

The moral and educational elements, that are part of - and very much intrinsic and socially integrative of natural masochism - are often far more moral than some other people, who regard themselves as very morally, socially, and politically superior - and what’s more - these other people’s "moral" sadism - is in fact extremely immoral, evil, and socially and politically inferior, to heterosexual masochists such as myself.

Again, most masochist men and dominatrix type women (and other women who love us), do not encourage masochist men to do be immoral, nor do they encourage us, to encourage or induce this in the opposite sex, nor in other people generally.

Indeed, a great deal of my general very unique knowledge and insights, which are recognised by some other people, come from experiences of my very passionate and deep love for women, in my family, society, and the world, from my sexual-love relationships with women, and from my love for most general life and humanity.